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Artist Management Contract Template

Enclosed is a zip file containing an artist management contract template in Microsoft Word format.  The agreement is for the purpose of defining an exclusive relationship between management and artist.  If you are a manager looking for a form, this form has done me well over the years. If you’re an artist and you want to get a frame of reference for an artist-friendly management contract, check this one out.  In the grand scheme of things, the fee for this item is minuscule  in comparison to the potential headaches that could occur years down the road.

This agreement addresses all areas of the relationship:
- roles and responsibilities
- Exclusivity of artist & manager
- Power of attorney
- Compensation
- Reimbursement of expenses
- Warranties (indemnity, etc.)
- Breach and cure of breach
- Relationship
- Legal Jurisdiction
- Term including sunset period

If you are managing or being managed, this contract will save your relationship from being lost in the gray when time fades black and white together.

This document is in microsoft word format and is fully customizable.

Price: $25.00

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